What Well-Rested Mother's Are Saying

Personalized Plan

Kelli is amazing! She created a wonderful, personalized plan for us and was there every step of the way. The results were incredible and improved so many aspects of daily life besides sleep. I cannot recommend her enough!

-Amanda, son age: 10 months

Seamless Process

Kelli was GREAT! My baby is sleeping in her own bed!!!! She held my hand the whole time and got us through this process seamlessly. Thank you Kelli!

-Paige, daughter age: 8 months

Dedicated and Supportive

Kelli was so dedicated and supportive throughout all the sleep training. My 4-month-old is finally sleeping through the night and everyone is happier because of it. Y'all need to change your lives too! You won't regret it.

-Jackie, daughter age: 4 months

Worth It

Kelli is amazing-she helped my family in such a huge way. She truly cared about my little one and with her direction and schedule given, my baby went from waking about 7-9 times a night to sleeping through the night in just a few days. She is WORTH the money and WORTH the work that is put forth by the parents! 

-Candace, daughter age: 9.5 months

Helpful and Encouraging

Kelli was so helpful and encouraging, and gave me excellent tips and suggestions for how to get my very difficult sleeper to sleep through the night!! My only regret is wishing I had done a consult with her sooner!! My son started sleeping through the night at 9 months and this mama is now much better rested.

-Rebekah, son age: 9 months


I should have done this a LONG time ago! I haven't slept in two years!! My daughter was still on a bottle as well as not falling asleep without me and was up multiple times a night, coming in my bed so that we could finally sleep. I had done some research on my own on how to sleep train but was never successful. We talked on the phone and she asked how my normal evenings and nights go. She easily personalized a 7-10 day plan to help us. First the bottle was a hard two days but worked!! She hasn't asked for a bottle since. Now we don't need the bottle to help us fall asleep at night. The next step was the bedtime routine. It was a long few evenings but my toddler picked up on it quickly and by night 4 we have been sleeping through the night!! I forgot what a good night's sleep felt like. Silver moon sleep consulting is a lifesaver! I feel like I got my nights back and I couldn't have done it without her!! I should have done it long ago! If you haven't slept in a while or just need to bounce stuff off of someone that has been there, understands, and has been successful at it, this is the girl you want to talk to!

-Lauren, daughter age: 2 years

Respectful and Supportive

We did a 30-minute consult with Kelli to help us address some sleep concerns we have had with my 3.5-year-old and my 16-month-old. She was fabulous! We are an ardently crunchy, no-cry it out, cosleeping/bedsharing family, and she did such a fabulous job of sharing her information in a respectful and supportive way that set us at ease and let us know she really cared about us and our kids. She gave us a TON of super useful information that we've been using and it has helped SO much. No more midnight bedtimes, bot my kids are asleep between 7-8 pm most nights, and my husband and I are loving the extra time together! I highly recommend Kelli, she really does take the time/effort to give specific help and set up a real routine that will work for each unique individual child and family situation. Thank you Kelli, we appreciate you...and the extra sleep :)

-Rebekah, daughter age: 3.5 years and son 16 months

Very Detailed

Kelli is AMAZING! I will be honest, I was very skeptical at first. I thought that I'd pay this money and it wouldn't work. I never thought my 20-month old would ever stop nursing, she'd never sleep in her own bed and never sleep through the night. But boy was I wrong! Kelli talked with me and listened and never judged. She made my daughter's plan with very detailed day to day information and tips. Of course at first there were tears just because it was something different but minimal tears! Within the first week my daughter knew the routine. Now I lay her down no fuss in her own bed and she goes to sleep all by herself! Kelli was a blessing. I am a full-time mom, student, and employee who was really struggling. Both my daughter and I are much happier people now that we are both getting the rest we need. I can't thank Kelli enough for helping us!

-Hailey, daughter: 20 months

Highly Recommend

Highly Recommend! Our 2 year old would only sleep if nursed or held and she would skip naps most days. We contacted Kelli and it was the best decision we could have made! The 1st night was tough but then it was like a switch went off and it fell into place. We now put our daughter down for naps and bed and she falls asleep on her own without protest! She is like a different kid. If you are thinking about it DO IT!

-Renee, daughter age: 2 years


Kelli has been great in answering my questions and helping us figure out wake time windows and moving our 8-month-old to 2 naps! Thank you!!

-Melissa, daughter age: 8 months

Changed My Family's Life

Kelli and her expertise have truly changed my family's life. My 18-month-old son went from needing to be bottled and rocked to sleep, along with frequent night wakings, to independently sleeping all night every night. He is a different little boy now that he is rested! We are so grateful to have worked with Kelli. 

-Cristina, son age: 18 months

Well Rested Mama

Kelli was wonderful in helping me adjust both my kids nap and bedtimes during and after the daylight savings time change! She was able to recommend the simplest little change in our routine, and it made a world of a difference! I'm a happy, well rested mama now.

-Dana, daughter age: 9 months, son age: 3 years

Customized Sleep Plan

I highly recommend Kelli! She helped us get our 15-month-old to fall asleep independentlyh for naps and bedtime as well as sleeping through the night! Her customized sleep plan was very detailed and she was there to support us along the way. Now mommy and daddy are sleeping too!

-Michele, daughter age: 15 months

Take Back Control

Kelli was so great to work with. She was helpful and flexible to what our family needed and was comfortable with. It's amazing what a difference in less than a couple weeks. I would highly recommend Kelli for anyone looking to take back control of the sleep situation in your home. We went from a terrible nap schedule and a 14-month-old that slept like a newborn to 12.5-12 hours of sleep and 3 hour naps every day. Thank you, Kelli!

-Jen, daughter age: 14 months

Stop Being Exhausted

I STRUGGLED for 4 months with an infant and 2.5-year-old. My husband was deployed and I was trying to "get through it." Our son (2.5 yo) was fighting taking naps, fighting going to bed, waking more than 2x/night AND waking by 0530. After a call with Kelli and a short plan of action, in 2 weeks he was going to be an hour earlier with NO FIGHT! Not waking more than once/night and being back asleep in less than 2 min. And waking later and later starting at 0600. 2 months later he goes to be early, doesn't wake at night and woke up at 0650 (regularly at 0630)! Stop being exhausted and hire Kelli!!

-Meg, son age: 2.5 years


We have a 27-month-old and was suddently having a lot of issues with naps and late night wakings. We worked with Kelli and within two days everything in our household turned around for the better! We followed exactly every steps that she recommended and we couldn't be happier with the restults! I highly recommend Kelli for certain! She was wonderful to work with and very genuine. 

-Julie, daughter age: 27 months

I Am A Changed Woman

Kelli was absolutely amazing to work with. She listened to the issues my 1 year old was having with falling and staying to sleep. Kelli developed a plan for us and within 3 days my baby was sleeping on her own. She now lays down by herself for 2 naps a day and sleeps 12 hours a night. I am a changed woman. it is amazing. I can't thank Kelli enough and would recommend her any day of the week and twice on Sundays.

-Joy, daughter age: 1 year

So Much Happier

We used the DIY plan when our daughter went through a tough sleep phased at 2.5 years old. After the first week she was sleeping longer, and was so so much happier during the day. I can't believe we waited so long to reach out for help, but I'm so happy we did! Very happy and definitely recommend SMSC!

-Melissa, daughter age: 2.5 years

This Woman Is A Magician

Where do I even begin? Our 4 year old son was a horrible sleeper from the get go. After years of trying literally every suggestion that had come out way, we just threw in the towel. He was co sleeping (which meant none of us were getting a good nights sleep) and he also had a hard time falling asleep at a decent hour. I came across Kelli in a local moms group and decided she was our last hope. This was our last change to try something different. WOW!!! In less than two weeks, our 4 year old went from co sleeping and not falling asleep until around midnight to falling asleep on his own in his own bed AND staying in bed ALL NIGHT LONG!  This woman is a magician and miracle worker in my book. We are forever grateful for what she has done for our family. If you've contemplated trying a sleep consultant, we HIGHLY recommend Kelli! Thank you again Kelli for everything you've done for our little guy and for us!

-Mandy, son age: 4 years

Please Gift Yourself

If you were looking for a sign to work with Kelli this is it! I cannot believe we waited almost 3 years to get sleep training help for my son. We have an infant who sleeps much better than he was. After less than two weeks working the plan that Kelli made for us, he falls asleep independently and sleeps through the night most nights. There's no more fight when he goes down for nap.  The attention to detail in the sleep plan Kelli made for us goes above and beyond what I was expecting. Everything was laid out and she respected what I was comfortable doing and not doing in regards to sleep training. My relationship with my son is better since we are no longer both sleep-deprived. Please gift yourself and your child the gift of good sleep!

-Alex, son 2 years 10 months 

Changed Our Lives

Kelli is amazing to work with and her plan has changed our lives and we couldn't be happier. I thought my daughter was going to sleep on the couch with me until she goes away to college. But in a few days, she was in her crib sleeping through the night! And she was available for questions and we did a follow-up call to tweak minor changes and I feel so confident now! I can't say enough good things about her and her programming. 

-Sarah, daughter 17 months

Truly Wants To Help

I contacted Kelli to help with my 17 month old son. I followed her very detailed plan to a T and he slept through the night by night 2! I could not believe it! My son bed shared with me his entire life and napped in my arms every day! With Kelli's plan he was sleeping through the night and napping in his crib on night 2! I can't say enough about how grateful I am for Kelli's help. I finally have my bed back and extra time for myself! Her plans really work and I highly, highly recommend others giving her a shot! She is there for you through the whole process and super helpful! She's also not judgemental at all of your current practices and truly wants to help you and your child!

-Erin, son 17 months

Best Money We've Spent

Before Kelli came into our lives, my husband and I were spending 45min+, taking turns rocking, bouncing, and singing our 5 month old to sleep, only to put him in his crib, have him immediately wake up, and begin all over again. We were exhausted beyond belief. I was sleeping in a chair from 4am-7am just to keep him asleep after his feeding so that I could get some sleep. After few nights with Kelli, our son was a changed boy! My husband and I are so grateful-best money we've spent in a long time!! Our son is asleep in less than 10 minutes with minimal interaction (and puts himself back to sleep if he wakes up!)-no more rocking, singing, bouncing, or chair sleeping! We have so much more time to relax in the evenings now :) I highly recommend working with Kelli!

-Tiffany, son 5 months