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Postpartum Doula Services

As a postpartum doula, I provide compassionate support and guidance to new parents during the crucial early weeks and months after childbirth. From assisting with newborn care and feeding to offering emotional support and practical help around the house, I strive to create a nurturing environment where families can thrive. My goal is to empower parents, ease their transition into parenthood, and ensure they feel confident and well-supported during this special time!

When I was pregnant with my first child, my husband had just left for deployment and missed my entire pregnancy and the birth of our son. I wish I had known what a postpartum doula was, so I could have had the added emotional support of bringing my first baby home without my husband and adjusting to motherhood. Once he got home, we could have used a postpartum doula to help us through the transition of him coming home and adjusting back to civilian life and more importantly, becoming a father to an almost 3-month-old baby for the first time. I want to be that support person for as many families as possible!

What's included in our time together:

Emotional Support

Offering a listening ear and empathetic support as new parents navigate the emotional ups and downs of the postpartum period.

Light Household Tasks

Helping with light household tasks such as laundry, meal preparation, and tidying up to ease the burden on new parents.

Feeding Support

Providing guidance and assistance with feeding techniques, including breastfeeding, bottle-feeding, and formula preparation. Assisting with latching, feeding schedules, and addressing common feeding challenges.

Postpartum Recovery Support

Providing information on postpartum recovery, including self-care tips and resources for physical and emotional healing.

Newborn Care Education

Educating parents on newborn care, including diapering, bathing, soothing techniques, and recognizing signs of illness.

Resource Referrals

Connecting families with local resources and support groups for additional assistance.


$300 for 12 hours of support (3-4 hour visits) OR $25/hour, $30/hour for multiples (minimum 2-hour visits).

Currently available M-F between the hours of 8:30AM-1:00PM

Servicing Areas

Amherst, Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Clarence, Depew, Grand Island,  Kenmore, Lancaster, Lockport, Tonawanda, West Seneca and everything in between.

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Interested in booking with me? Please complete the questionnaire below and I will contact you for a free phone call to find out what your specific needs are and what you are looking for in your postpartum journey.

Thanks for choosing me for this amazing time in your life! I will respond to you shortly.

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