Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are accepted methods of payment?

A: I accept cash payment or through PayPal.

Q: When are payments due?

A: I offer payment plans if asked. However, half must be paid prior to our scheduled 60-minute consultation.

Q: Where are in home services available?

A: I can come to your home for an in-home consultation/bedroom evaluation if you are at any residence within a thirty-minute drive from my home.

Q: Is this program a form of CIO?

A: If you see CIO as putting your baby in their crib and shutting the door, leaving them to cry until the morning, NO my program is not a form of CIO. We are all protective of our sleeping environment and we like the same things every night. Making a change to anyone's current sleep habits will be met with some protest. The same will be true for your child. However, I will never ask you to leave your child alone to cry if that is not something that feels right to you.


Q: What do your overnight and half night add-ons include?

A: The first night of your sleep plan will be the worst of it. If you feel like you need the extra support of me coming to your home to help you through the first night (or more) of your plan, I will be there to coach you through the night. If you hire me for a half night, I will arrive before the bedtime routine and will stay until midnight. If you hire me for the full overnight, I will arrive before the bedtime routine and will stay until 7:00 am.

Q: How do you charge if I have twins?

A: I will charge you the full amount for one child and give you half price for the second.


Q: Why do you charge different amounts based on age?

A: I charge various amounts based on age because some plans will take more (or less) time than others. Typically toddlers will take a little longer and the prenatal and newborn packages are educational vs an actual sleep plan.


Q: Can I continue breastfeeding while sleep training?

A: Yes! I am a huge supporter of breastfeeding and want you to continue to nurse as long as you'd like. 


Q: Can I co-sleep (bed share) while sleep training?

A: No. I will be available when you and your family decide that you're ready to transition your child into a crib/bed in their own room. It can be extremely difficult to teach your child healthy independent sleeping habits if you or your partner are right next to them. If you do not have the option of having your child in their own room, I can definitely help you if you want to room share. 


Q: My baby has acid reflux. Can I still sleep train?

A: Only if their symptoms are manageable. If you and your child's pediatrician are still working on dosing/medication, I recommend waiting until everything is under control.



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