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Knowledgeable, Supportive and Detailed

Highly, highly recommend Kelli for any of your child’s sleeping (or lack thereof) needs! My wife and I contacted Kelli as our 18 month was co-sleeping in our bed a majority of the night after about 3 hours in her own crib, could not fall asleep without someone laying with her for pushing an hour each nap/bedtime until her eyes would close, and just generally struggled with sleep between the three of us. Adding a newborn to the mix recently ultimately served as the final push to make that outreach to Kelli.

Kelly was incredibly knowledgeable, supportive and detailed from the jump. We opted for a DIY method following Kelli’s personalized expertise tailor-made for our daughter, and could not have been more successful. By night 3 she was sleeping a bit over 11 hours straight in her own crib with no co-sleeping of any sort at any point, and we began seeing light at the end of the tunnel that continues to shine brightly! Having completed our program, 2.5 weeks later we as a collective family are sleeping consistently and are in a much better state to support our children with some needed rest each night.

We have learned so many techniques and tips along with ideas on how to set the best possible sleeping environment, and are so confident we can continue to see these results as we move forward - all of which is a testament to Kelli’s dedication and true mastery of her craft. As our youngest gets older we will begin applying these same lessons to her, and if we falter or need support, we know who to call! If your child(ren)/family needs any level of assistance getting sleep and your child(ren) need an expert to lend a hand, so not hesitate to make the same phone call we did. Thank you so, so, so much Kelli! You came so strongly recommended and I would extend that same message to anyone - make the call and improve your family’s sleep. As your little one(s) get theirs, mom and dad will follow!

Thank you again, Kelli!!

Age 18-months

Patient, Kind and Understanding

Kelli was absolutely amazing to work with from the very first phone call consultation through our very last email! She has been so helpful in restoring our 1.5 year old’s sleep schedule/routine. He’s now just over 2 and he has been sleeping at least 11-12 hours every night with a solid nap during the day! Not only were we struggling with getting him to fall asleep on his own, but he couldn’t sleep through the night and he would wake up at 4-5am regularly.

Fast forward to now, Kelli has doubled up and helped us with our 7 month old! He was waking every 1.5-2 hours on the dot overnight for months. He’s now on a predictable schedule and sleeping on his own through the night!

I cannot recommend Kelli and her expertise enough! She is so patient, kind and understanding and was always so quick to respond to any questions/concerns we had that came up!

Age 18-months

Life Altering

Working with Kelli has been literally life altering. Prior to contacting Kelli, my 9 month old had not slept a single night in over 3 months straight. She was up anywhere from 7-12x a night and needed to be held, rocked and sometimes fed back to sleep for 30-45 mins only for her to either wake up immediately upon placing in her crib or shortly there after. She was also only taking one contact nap a day. We were two exhausted parents, barely surviving, living in shifts and pushing the edge of delirium. My daughter has a CMPA, severe GERD, as well as ongoing issue with constipation and gas. This caused her to basically scream the first 4.5 months of her life. She is on prescription formula as well as multiple medications. Given all of her medical issues, I was terrified to sleep train her. But, Kelli was confident she could help and she sure did deliver! She tailored a plan specific to my daughter’s needs and not only does she sleep through the night now but she also takes 2 scheduled naps a day! Kelli was available every step of the way, answering every question and providing constant encouragement. I could not be more grateful. Knowing my daughter is finally able to sleep peacefully is absolutely priceless. Kelli has given me my life back. I have free hands during daytime hours and time in the evenings, simple things that were so foreign two short weeks ago. Most of all, everyone now sleeps at night! The peace and joy have now returned to our home and that was worth every penny!

Age 9-months

Game Changer

Kelli is amazing! My now one year old daughter slept ok through the night but was waking up around 5am and taking inconsistent naps. Just a few tweaks to her sleep routines and getting her on a schedule, we had almost immediate results! And now she can put herself to sleep and rest better... we all can! I'm just amazed at how easy it was and how beneficial the results are. Game changer! If you are skeptical like I was, throw that out the window, and hire Kelli. You won't be disappointed!

Age 12-months

Best Choice I Have Made

Kelli was AMAZING. She was so supportive. She gathered information from us to understand our current sleep methods and routines and gave us a tailor-made plan with adjustments and directions on how to get our 11 month old sleeping through the night. I was skeptical because this is my first baby and I just have no experience with all these different nuances of raising a baby, but Kelli's method worked, literally the first night. My baby was waking up at least 3 times a night and then poof - she is now sleeping 12 hour stretches. I was basically becoming a zombie from sleep deprivation and now being on the other side, calling Kelli is the absolute best choice I could have made.

Age 11-months

Passionate About What She Does

Kelli is so amazing and so passionate about what she does! Our girl made tremendous improvement in only 2 days on her plan, and now she’s sleeping in her own crib, and sleeps through the night with no issues. We were previously cosleeping, because we couldn’t get her to go to sleep on her own without crying and throw up, and she would wake up in the middle of the night every time we tried to put her in her crib after falling asleep with us. Her method is so much more gentle than the CIO method, Ferber, extinction, etc, and it was exactly what we needed. Working with her has been life changing for us, and was a million times easier than I was expecting it to be. So grateful for Kelli and her expertise in helping kids get to sleep on their own and helping parents get their sanity back (along with much more restful sleep!). I highly highly recommend Kelli if you need any sleep help!

Thanks again, Kelli! You’re amazing!!

Age 21-months

Life Saver

Kelli is a life saver! Within a few days my 20-month-old daughter was sleeping independently in her crib throughout the night and able to put herself back to sleep on her own. Total game changer. Don't know how I would have done this without Kelli. She is amazing as she provides support, encouragement and much needed feedback throughout the process. My baby was very needy, co sleeping and needing constant assistance falling back to sleep. With Kelli's plan and advice, I now have my freedom at night and nap time. I feel every parent needs Kelli in the first year or 2 of baby's life.

Age 20-months

Available to Answer Any Question

Kelli was great and her program really helped my family with our 12 month sleep regression. She was available to answer any question I had and it’s nice to know that she offers support for the future, if needed. I would use her again in a heartbeat!

Age 12-months

11/10 Recommend

I have to be honest, I didn't think anything would work for my 1 & 1/2 yr old daughter, even if I ended up trying Silver Moon Sleep Consulting. My expectations were low but I HAD to try. From day 1, Kelli was amazing. From her speedy replies, comforting and reassuring words of encouragement and almost immediate sleep plan delivery, she is just incredible. I am only on day 6, but my daughter has already been both napping AND sleeping through the night for the first time in her life. I am BEYOND thrilled. I would 11/10 recommend Kelli to anyone who is struggling with their child's sleep schedule. I am finally the well-rested, more patient, and happier mama that I need to be for my daughter. THANK YOU KELLI!!!!!

Age 18-months

She Supported us Throughout the Entire Process

We have a 13-month-old daughter that is spunky, busy, and oh so sweet. We slipped into some bad habits, with her waking in the middle of night and sleeping in our bed in order to get some sleep - all parents do it! Kelli was so kind, understanding, and helpful when we approached her. She got to know our daughter and our family, and she created a plan that could work for all of us. Working with her was so easy, as we felt like she supported us throughout the entire process and beyond! We knew we could trust Kelli, both as a mom and an expert of sleep! Our daughter is now sleeping through the night AND putting herself to sleep on her own; we could not have done this as a family without her.

Age 13-months

Aligns With Gentle Parenting Techniques

There are no words to describe how awesome working with Kelli was. Our son has always done everything in his own time and this was no exception. Kelli worked with us through every up and down our little guy had. She helped tweak our plan when he was hitting those bumps and helped ease our concerns that he wasn’t going to get it. Our 21-month-old is sleeping from 7-7 now! No crying and even still does a two hour nap. We never thought our buddy was going to be able to do this. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I also want to let other moms know that if you’ve done traditional cry it out methods and couldn’t handle it… THIS IS NOT THAT. This aligns with gentle parenting techniques and really is helpful in teaching your babe to sleep.

Age 21-months

She Saved Our Sanity

Kelli is simply amazing. Our son had been sleeping great until his 1st birthday. Weeks had gone by and it wasn’t getting better no matter what I tried (read all the blogs/articles and talked to so many parent friends). With Kelli’s DIY plan and me asking 1 million questions we were able to get him back to sleeping on his own and through the night about 3 days in. He now sleeps 11-12 hours at night (was doing about 9-10 previously) and naps like a champ! If your hesitant, don’t be because she saved our sanity and I have my own bed back!

Age 13-months


Kelli is wonderful! My 16 month old is sleeping through the night! We recently finished the extremely thorough, thoughtful, and I dare say, foolproof 10-day plan and every day I continue to see improvement. Thank you, Kelli!

Age 16-months

My Husband and I Have Our Evenings Back

I just can’t say enough how amazing Kelli and her methods are. My husband and I had tried everything to get my 18-month-old to sleep through the night. Despite all of our attempts and multiple calls to the pediatrician he would continue to wake multiple times a night and refuse to go to sleep for anyone but Mom. After 3 nights of Kelli’s program, he was sleeping through the night. Now he goes to sleep a happy baby and wakes up a happy baby. My husband and I have our evenings back and are able to wake up rested. Such a life changing experience for us. The process was so easy and painless, I wish I had done it sooner.

Age 18-months

We Have a Happier Baby

Kelli was a lifesaver! My 11-month-old was having a hard time sleeping through the night. He would wake twice a night without fail and would only go back to sleep if I nursed him. This is our 4th child and I wasn’t sure I really needed a sleep consultant because my other 3 were great sleepers. I’m SO glad we decided to hire Kelli to help us. The second night, he slept 12 straight hours without waking! Kelli is wonderful. She responds quickly and is willing to work with you to make sure the plan works for every member of the family. We are all sleeping well, and we have a much happier baby!

Age 11-months

Much Happier

Kelli is amazing!!! We did the DIY program, and within 10 days we have seen an incredible improvement! Our 18-month-old now puts himself to sleep for naps and bedtime, and is sleeping through the night. We are all much happier over here! I highly recommend Kelli and her services! If you are debating it, go for it!!!

Age 18-months

Detailed and Beautifully Communicated

If you’re looking for the best night sleep you’ve had since before you were pregnant, you need Kelli! As an anxious first time mom, I cringed when I heard the words sleep training! How could I possibly ever have my baby take naps without falling asleep on me? How could I hear any crying?! It eventually came to the point of months and months without any sleep that I just couldn’t keep functioning with no sleep! It was bad for us but more importantly it wasn’t good for our baby! Kelli was so supportive and sweet. She understood postpartum anxiety. She understood the methods that were going to help our baby gently and gradually. She even thought about steps like dropping a pacifier now so we didn’t need to later. She made sure I was okay with everything she thought would be good to implement! The plan she created was detailed and beautifully communicated. We were so impressed. It took no time at all (she slept through the night on night one after a bit of being upset)! She’s slept soundly since then and naps in her crib are going great too! She’s happier, we are happier and it’s all thanks to Kelli! If you even THINK you might need this, I assure you, you do!

Age 8-months

Changed Our Lives

Kelli is amazing to work with and her plan has changed our lives and we couldn’t be happier. I thought my daughter was going to sleep on the couch with me until she goes away to college. But in a few days she was in her crib sleeping through the night! And she was available for questions, and we did a follow up call to tweak minor changes and I feel so confident now!

I can’t say enough good things about her and her programming.

Age 17-months

Not Judgemental

I contacted Kelli to help with my 17 month old son. I followed her very detailed plan to a T and he slept through the night by night 2! I could not believe it! My son bed shared with me his entire life and napped in my arms everyday! With Kelli’s plan he was sleeping though the night and napping in his crib on night 2! I can’t say enough about how grateful I am for Kelli’s help, I finally have my bed back and extra time for myself! Her plans really work and I highly, highly recommend others giving her a shot! She is there for you through the whole process and super helpful! She’s also not judgmental at all of your current practices, and truly wants to help you and your child!

Age 17-months

Kind and Encouraging

Kelli saved our sleeping lives to be normal again. Our third baby, a pandemic baby, who has been spoiled with mama at home her life all of a sudden would not go to sleep or stay to sleep without wanting to be with me at a year and a half. We dealt with it the best we could for 3 months before we’d felt like we had lost all steam. We started working with Kelli and it was better than I could have imagined from the very first night. Even when we hit speed bumps and hurdles, Kelli helped us adjust for our personal needs to still be successful! I think there’s a stigma about needing help with your child but there shouldn’t be and Kelli is nothing but kind and encouraging! She gives it to you straight though! I feel so much more confident in not just helping my daughter go to sleep and stay asleep but also how/why our choices as parents affect our children’s sleep. There’s so much predictability to their sleeping (or not sleeping) habits that Kelli teaches in a helpful way. 10/10 recommend her services to anyone wanting to help their little one sleep better! Thank you, Kelli!

Age 22-months

ZERO Regrets

When I became a mother, I never dreamed I’d spend money on someone to teach me how to teach my baby to sleep, but here we are, and with ZERO regrets. Our daughter never truly slept. We’d have short periods where she’d go 4+ hours at a time, even a handful of nights where she slept all the way through but nothing consistent. Around 1 year old, her sleep regressed terribly. We were up most of the night, EVERY night for months. I won’t even go into the toll it was taking on my husband and I or our jobs, but more importantly on our daughter. She’s always joyful, but fussy and whiny. We couldn’t make it through a store or restaurant without meltdowns. I couldn’t shake the thought that we were all missing out on a lot of happy times because we were all so tired and cranky. Then we found Kelli. We hesitated investing in a sleep consultant, because, well, WHY?! We shouldn’t need someone to teach us how to help our baby sleep but guess what? We DID need her and I’m SO eternally grateful we made the decision to invest in our sleep. It may sound early to post a review but I’m still in such awe; I just had to. We’re half way through our program. Our 14m old slept THROUGH. THE. NIGHT. by her SECOND NIGHT. She woke twice that I saw on the baby monitor and put her little self right back to sleep within minutes, and she didn’t need me or my husband to rock her, or milk, or a pacifier… nothing. She just rolled around for a few minutes and dozed right back off. Sure, there were some bumpy moments in the first few days but nothing even close to the nightmare I though sleep training would be. We’re well rested. Already the crankiness in our house is gone. Our daughter is playful and happy during the day. We made it through a store with no issues. If you’re hesitating, don’t. DO IT!! It’ll be the best investment you make. I promise!!

Age 13-months

Highly Recommend 

I highly recommend Kelli! She helped us get our 15-month-old to fall asleep independently for naps and bedtime as well as sleeping through the night! Her customized sleep plan was very detailed and she was there to support us along the way. Now mommy and daddy are sleeping too!!

Age 15-months

Changed my Family's Life

Kelli and her expertise have truly changed my family’s life. My 18 month old son went from needing to be bottled and rocked to sleep, along with frequent night wakings, to independently sleeping all night every night. He is a different little boy now that he is rested! We are so grateful to have worked with Kelli.

Age 18-months

Helpful and Flexible

Kelli was so great to work with. She was helpful and flexible to what our family needed and was comfortable with. It’s amazing what a difference in less than a couple weeks. I would highly recommend Kelli for anyone looking to take back control of the sleep situation in your home. We went from a terrible nap schedule and a 14-month-old that slept like a newborn to 12.5-13 hours of sleep and 3 hour naps everyday. Thank you, Kelli!!!

Age 14-months

Kelli was a Blessing

Kelli is AMAZING! I will be honest, I was very skeptical at first. I thought that I’d pay this money and it wouldn’t work. I never thought my 20-month-old would ever stop nursing, she’d never sleep in her own bed and never sleep though the night. But boy was I wrong! Kelli talked with me and listened and never judged. She made my daughters plan with very detailed day to day information and tips. Of course at first there was tears just because it was something different but minimal tears! Within the first week my daughter knew the routine. Now I lay her down no fuss in her own bed and she goes to sleep all my herself! Kelli was a blessing. I am a full time mom, student, and employee who was really struggling. Both my daughter and I are much happier people now that we are both getting the rest we need. I can’t thank Kelli enough for helping us!

Age 20-months

Kelli Has Been Great

Kelli has been great in answering my questions and helping us figure out wake time windows and moving our 8 month old to 2 naps! Thank you!!!

Age 8-months

Helpful and Encouraging

Kelli was so helpful and encouraging and gave me excellent tips and suggestions for how to get my veryyy difficult sleeper to sleep through the night!! My only regret is wishing I had done a consult with her sooner!! My son started sleeping through the night at 9 months and this mama is now much better rested! 

Age 9-months

It Works

If you ever want to sleep again, contact Kelli! She has been helping us on and off with our now 13 month old since she was about 4 months old. Our daughter is a pro at sleeping thanks to Kelli and all of her help along the way. From sleep regressions, hiccups, and my daughter's just plain stubbornness, Kelli has allowed our family to get some sleep again. From our first phone call to our most recent email, Kelli is always responsive, helpful, understanding and supportive, and her sleep plan is very gentle, and most importantly, it works!. Best money we ever spent in order to get some sleep again. Thanks, Kelli!

Age 13-months

Amazing Experience

What an absolute amazing experience. Kelli listened to my issues and developed a plan for us. Within 3 nights we were sleeping with no issues. My 1 year old now sleeps 2 naps a day and 12 hours at night with no fighting. It is amazing and all thanks to Kelli and Silver Moon Sleep consultant.

Age 11-months

Respectful and Supportive

We did a 30 minute consult with kelli to help us address some sleep concerns we have had with my 3.5 year old and my 16 month old. She was fabulous! We are a crunchy, no-cry it out, co-sleeping/bedsharing family and she did such a fabulous job of sharing her information in a respectful and supportive way that set us at ease and let us know she really cared about us and our kids. She gave us a TON of super useful information and tools that we’ve been using and it has helped SO much. No more midnight bedtimes, both my kids are asleep between 7-8pm most nights and my husband and I are loving the extra time together! I highly recommend Kelli, she really does take the time/effort to give specific help and set up a real routine that will work for each unique individual child and family situation. Thank you Kelli, we appreciate you...and the extra sleep!

Age 16-months

Never Ever Underestimate the Power of Good Sleep

Hiring Kelli was the BEST decision I have made as a mother. My daughter (8 months old at the time) was waking every couple of hours and no amount of breastfeeding/pacifier/rocking was working. It seemed the more interventions I tried the harder it was for her to fall asleep and stay asleep. She was cranky. I was cranky. Never ever underestimate the power of good sleep. I was a less than adequate mom because I was so exhausted. I also work full time and was feeling extremely overwhelmed because of my lack of sleep. Thanks to Kelli my little girl was sleeping through the night with no issues by night 3 of her 10-day plan!! And because she was sleeping, so was I which in turn made me a much better mother to both of my kids. Kelli worked with me to come up with a detailed and specifically designed sleep plan that aligned with our ever changing schedule. We needed flexibility within the structured plan, and she was as able to provide that. Kelli also helped us come up with a plan when we traveled to Disney World. I was worried we would unravel all the hard work but with Kelli’s reassurance and guidance, my daughter’s sleep plan was only mildly disrupted. Please do yourself a favor if you are sleep deprived and hire Kelli. You won’t regret it!

Age 8-months

Exceptional Guidance

I cannot express how grateful we are for the exceptional guidance and support Kelli provided! After reading countless books blogs, and posts on how to sleep train, we still struggled to get our little guy on the right track. Within two weeks, Kelli got our little man sleeping through the night and on an amazing nap schedule. Thanks to her, we now have longer, consistent naps and our baby sleeps through the night. He also has learned how to self-soothe and put himself back to sleep. Throughout the process, Kelli demonstrated unwavering support and patience. She was able to provide us with immediate advice and tips throughout the day to get us on track and help us keep our sanity. If you find yourself struggling with sleep related challenges, I wholeheartedly recommend seeking the assistance from Kelli at Silver Moon Sleep Consulting. Thanks to Kelli, we've been able to reclaim the peace and joy that comes with a goodnight sleep! We are forever grateful for her incredible work!

Age 8-months

Thankful Beyond Measures

Working with Kelli was an absolute dream (pun intended). With our first daughter, I was able to sleep train pretty painlessly. So, imagine my surprise when baby #2 was just_not_having it. With two kids in the mix, I was even more tired and confused about how to make space for rest in my life. I contacted Kelli and was immediately impressed by her thoroughness, empathy, professionalism, and understanding of childhood development. She created a plan that worked for our family, customized for each day of the week based on our schedules. Our ten-month-old now sleeps without having to be nursed or rocked down and stays down for naps and overnight. I was shocked at how quickly her sleep habits changed and thankful beyond measure that we decided to work with Silver Moon Sleep Consulting. 

Age 10-months

Her Support and Accountability was Invaluable

Kelli was wonderful to work with. At the time, our 8-month-old was waking several times throughout the night. Kelli created a customized sleep plan that helped us get our little one's sleep back on track, and it added some much-needed structure to our daily schedule. Her support and accountability was invaluable. We wish we had reached out sooner!

Age 8-months

Not sure what took us so long to hire Kelli! We reached out in desperation after contemplating probably 6 months, and we had enough! Our first born slept through the night at 9 weeks old, no assistance needed-so we expected the same with the second. But-10 months in, no luck, and we seriously needed our sleep back! This one would wake anywhere from 1-3x a night inconsistently, and it was getting to be too much. Kelli wrote up the most detailed, organized, thoughtful plan for us based on all of our needs. She was always available for questions, cheered us on and gave advice as she watched our sleep log progress. We had a few setbacks, and she never left our side!! She gave me the emotional support I didn’t know I needed, held us accountable, and gave tips on how to stay on track. Our girl started falling asleep on her own, no paci, and sleeping 11 hours through the night in under a month. We feel like humans again with our sleep back and our baby girl sleeping through and putting herself to sleep independently!! Thank you Kelli x10000!
Age 10-months

We Feel Like Humans Again

Kelli of Silver Moon Sleep Consulting was recommended to me by two friends, and I wish I got in touch with her sooner! Since my son was a newborn, he would not sleep and needed so much support and it felt like nothing would work. We never tried sleep training because I had assumed all that was is letting my baby cry for hours. Well, when my son turned 20 months old and we brought another baby home, we got desperate and finally contacted Kelli. She has amazing knowledge and insight on all things toddler and baby sleep. We loved the plan she came up with because it didn’t involve just leaving our child to cry alone for hours. Within the first few nights we saw huge progress. At the end of the plan (10 days) we are able to get our son down to sleep without ANY support for nap and bedtime which is huge. We are so thankful for Kelli and her wealth of knowledge. If you’re having problems with sleep in your home, I highly recommend Silver Moon Sleep Consulting and you won’t regret working with Kelli!

Age 20-months

You Won't Regret Working With Kelli

We Felt Completely Supported the Whole Way

I would recommend Kelli to any parent with children needing help with sleep issues. We chose her DIY package when our daughter was 8 months old; she would only sleep 1-2 hours at a time when being held and refused to go back to sleep in her crib. I found Kelli on Facebook and I’m so glad we did. She provided us a personalized night-by-night sleep training plan within just a few day sof hiring her. Her plan had a ton of helpful information I would have never gotten by desperately Googling at 3am and we felt completely supported the whole way. Within a few days our daughter was sleeping through the night in her crib with no pacifier. Within 2 weeks she was on a consistent nap schedule at daycare and grandparents’ houses. I still can’t believe the difference working with Kelli has made-my only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner. If you are on the fence, trust me she is MORE than worth every penny. It’s also helpful to know that even after completing the program, she will still be available for support with any issues we may run into in the future. Thank you Kelli!

Age 8-months

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