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You're Not Alone in This Process

Game changer! Our 5-month-old was waking up every 1.5 hours all night and it was exhausting. We followed Kelli's plan to a T and within three nights he was sleeping 7:30pm to 7am (with one wake to feed) and taking naps perfectly during the day. He puts himself to sleep for bed and for naps. We lay him down awake! Kelli really knows what she is doing, she provides a detailed plan, and she checks on your frequently. You're not alone in this process, she's with you along the way! If you're willing to commit to the process, then you'll be successful with Kelli!
Alix, Son age 5 Months


If you are on the fence, DO IT! best thing we ever did was contact Kelli! we went from 30 minute naps to 1-1.5 hour naps in a week. We also went from a difficult bedtime and multiple wake ups to laying her down awake, sleeping through the night occasionally or only up once for a bottle in a few days! I cannot tell you how much this has helped our family and my mental health!
Samantha, Daughter 7-Months

Best Money We've Spent

Before Kelli came into our lives, my husband and I were spending 45min+, taking turns rocking, bouncing, and singing our 5 month old to sleep, only to put him in his crib, have him immediately wake up, and begin all over again. We were exhausted beyond belief. I was sleeping in a chair from 4am-7am just to keep him asleep after his feeding so that I could get some sleep. After few nights with Kelli, our son was a changed boy! My husband and I are so grateful-best money we've spent in a long time!! Our son is asleep in less than 10 minutes with minimal interaction (and puts himself back to sleep if he wakes up!)-no more rocking, singing, bouncing, or chair sleeping! We have so much more time to relax in the evenings now :) I highly recommend working with Kelli!

Age 5 months

Dedicated and Supportive

Kelli was so dedicated and supportive throughout all the sleep training. My 4-month-old is finally sleeping through the night and everyone is happier because of it. Y'all need to change your lives too! You won't regret it.

Age 4 months

Patient, Kind and Understanding

Kelli was absolutely amazing to work with from the very first phone call consultation through our very last email! She has been so helpful in restoring our 1.5-year old's sleep schedule/routine. He's now just over 2 and he has been sleeping at least 11-12 hours every night with a solid nap during the day! Not only were we struggling with getting him to fall asleep on his own, but he couldn't sleep through the night, and he would wake up at 4-5am regularly. 

Fast forward to now, Kelli has doubled up and helped us with our 7-month-old! He was waking every 1.5-2 hours on the dot overnight for months. He's now on a predictable schedule and sleeping on his own through the night!

I cannot recommend Kelli and her expertise enough! She is so patient, kind and understanding and was always so quick to respond to any questions/concerns we had that came up!

Ages 1.5 Years and 7 Months

Life Changing

Highly recommended. Life changing. Our 6-month-old son would wake up overnight every one to two hours and needed to be fed or rocked back to sleep. Within a night or two our son was sleeping 12-13 hours a night with only one feeding. He now naps longer and sleeps only in his crib, not in our arms. He now goes down for naps or bed awake in his crib and fall asleep on his own. Kelli was very responsive and so helpful. She answered all of our questions above and beyond. Definitely worth it without a question.

Willing to Answer my Million Questions

Oh my gosh I really can’t thank Kelli enough!!!! It was so overwhelming to think about sleep training on my own but having Kelli made things SO much easier. Kelli, I can’t tell you how much I appreciated your time and support! It’s definitely not an easy task to do on your own, but your encouragement and expertise were exactly what I needed to make this a success. Thank you so much for being so patient and willing to answer my million questions! You really can’t put a price on health and wellness! Kelli’s services helped me become that happy (rested!) momma that I once was!

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