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Responds Extremely Promptly

Kelli is an absolute pleasure to work with! Our son was completely dependent on us to lay in bed with him until he fell asleep and needed at least 2 pacifiers with him! After working with Kelli our son can fall asleep on his own and stays in bed for the entire night and barely uses his pacifier during the day! She responds extremely promptly and has helped not only with sleep training but multiple aspects of parenting a spirited 2-year-old! I highly recommend Kelli’s services!

Age 2.5-Years

You Will Not Be Disappointed 

I cannot thank Kelli enough for what she’s done to help our family with my son’s sleeping issues. With her guidance, we’ve been able to finally sleep in our own beds and have stopped any nighttime issues we were experiencing! She’s changed the quality of our lives dramatically and I’m so grateful!

Exhausted parents - do NOT hesitate to reach out to Kelli for help. You will not be disappointed! I just wish I did it sooner!

Thank you again, Kelli!

Age 4-Years

Best Choice We Ever Made

Kelli is AMAZING. She created a DIY sleep plan for our 4 year old and within two weeks he is putting himself to sleep, and sleeping in his bed through the night. She is quick to respond to emails and has great suggestions for when things aren't going to plan. The sleep plan was detailed and left no questions as to what we were doing. Best choice we have ever made.

Thank you again Kelli!

Age 4-Years

Magician and Miracle Worker

Where do I even begin? Our 4 year old son was a horrible sleeper from the get go. After years of trying literally every suggestion that had come our way, we just threw in the towel. He was co sleeping (which meant none of us were getting a good nights sleep) and he also had a hard time falling asleep at a decent hour. I came across Kelli in a local moms group and decided she was our last hope. This was our last chance to try something different. WOW!!! In less than two weeks, our 4 year old went from co sleeping and not falling asleep until around Midnight to falling asleep on his own in his own bed AND staying in bed ALL NIGHT LONG!

This woman is a magician and miracle worker in my book. We are forever grateful for what she has done for our family. If you’ve contemplated trying a sleep consultant, we HIGHLY recommend Kelli! Thank you again Kelli for everything you’ve done for our little guy and for us!

Age 4-Years

Goes Above and Beyond What I was Expecting

If you were looking for a sign to work with Kelli this is it! I cannot believe we waited almost 3 years to get sleep training help for my son. We have an infant who sleeps much better than he was. After less than two weeks working the plan that Kelli made for us, he falls asleep independently and sleeps through the night most nights. There’s no more fight when he goes down for nap.

The attention to detail in the sleep plan Kelli made for us goes above and beyond what I was expecting. Everything was laid out and she respected what I was comfortable doing and not doing in regards to sleep training. My relationship with my son is better since we are no longer both sleep deprived. Please gift yourself and your child the gift of good sleep!

Age 3-Years


Highly Recommend! Our 2-year-old would only sleep if nursed or held and she would skip naps most days. We contacted Kelli and It was the best decision we could have made! The 1st night was tough but then it was like a switch went off and it fell into place. We now put our daughter down for naps and bed and she falls asleep on her own without protest! She is like a different kid. If you are thinking about it DO IT!

Age 2.5-Years

Definitely Recommend SMSC

We used the DIY plan when our daughter went through a tough sleep phase at 2.5 years old. After the first week she was sleeping longer, and was so so much happier during the day. I can’t believe we waited so long to reach out for help, but I’m so happy we did! Very happy and definitely recommend SMSC!

Age 2.5-Years

Hire Kelli

I STRUGGLED for 4 months with an infant and 2.5yo. My husband was deployed and I was trying to “get through it.” Our son (2.5yo) was fighting taking naps, fighting going to bed, waking more than 2x/night AND waking by 0530. After a call with Kelli and a short plan of action, in 2 week’s he was going to bed an hour earlier with NO FIGHT! Not waking more than once/night and being back asleep in less than 2min. And waking later and later starting at 0600. 2 months later he goes to bed early, doesn’t wake at night and woke up at 0650 (regularly at 0630)! Stop being exhausted and hire Kelli!!!!

Age 2.5-Years

One Happy Rested Toddler

I'd like to start by saying Kelli was amazing and a pleasure to work with. Our baby (age 2) now sleeps through the night, able to lay down, and soothe themselves to sleep without distractions or mom/dad. We (my husband and I) had tried everything. Examples being crying it out, switching sleeping in bed (Montessori style) vs crib, white noise, night lights, black out total darkness, co-sleeping, you name it. After working with Kelli and her Full Support Package, you would not believe. They are sleeping back in the crib no crying it out, no night feeding, or co-sleeping involved. One happy rested toddler, one happy rested mom, one happy rested dad. I'd recommend any family or mom/dad that has a child who has difficulty with sleep to Silver Moon Sleep Consulting.

Age 2-Years

Extremely Helpful

Kelli was extremely helpful in getting our 2-year-old sleeping through the night. We were hesitant about some of her suggestions while we did the do it yourself plan, but Kelli took the time to ensure we were well prepared for the training. After 3 weeks she is sleeping through the night, not wetting the bed, and both mom and I are sleeping better at night too!

Age 2.5-Years

Life Saver

For any sleep-deprived parent, or any parent who's at a loss for how to get their toddler to sleep through the night, you absolutely need to hire Kelli! My wife and I went from 9-10 PM bedtimes and sleeping on the floor of our three-year-old's bedroom (and multiple nighttime wakings) to 7 PM bedtimes and a toddler who not only sleeps in his toddler bed but also through the night! Kelli worked with us every step of the way and made an individualized plan for our son. She's literally been a life saver for my wife and me and we look forward to working with her again!

Age 3-Years

Understanding, Non-Judgmental, Sympathetic and Determined to Help

Words cannot express how thankful we are for Kelli’s help getting our toddler’s sleep back on track. Our 3 year old had always been a great sleeper until one day she wasn’t. She started waking up multiple times a night and refusing to go back to bed on her own. In desperation and absolute exhaustion, we reached out to Kelli and she came up with a detailed plan for us. Kelli was wonderful to work with. She was understanding, non-judgemental, sympathetic and determined to help. She truly partners with you to help you every step of the way. With Kelli’s help we were able to get our toddler sleeping through the night (11-12 hours) on her own again and she has continued to do so for the last 6 months.

Age 3-Years

Made a Huge Impact

I can't thank Kelli enough. In a matter of 2 weeks we went from having serious behavior outbursts with our 4 year old daughter to her having great days at school, all because of the way we changed her sleep! Kelli's plan was detailed, easy to follow and efficient. The calls with her were helpful touch points to make sure we were on the right path. She really made a huge impact in our daughter's and our lives. Definitely recommend reaching out for any sleep help you need!

Age 4-Years


We did a 30 minute consult with kelli to help us address some sleep concerns we have had with my 3.5 year old and my 16 month old. She was fabulous! We are a crunchy, no-cry it out, co-sleeping/bedsharing family and she did such a fabulous job of sharing her information in a respectful and supportive way that set us at ease and let us know she really cared about us and our kids. She gave us a TON of super useful information and tools that we’ve been using and it has helped SO much. No more midnight bedtimes, both my kids are asleep between 7-8pm most nights and my husband and I are loving the extra time together! I highly recommend Kelli, she really does take the time/effort to give specific help and set up a real routine that will work for each unique individual child and family situation. Thank you, Kelli, we appreciate you...and the extra sleep!

Age 3.5-Years

Regret Not Doing it Sooner

Kelli has been amazing and such a huge support to us!! In less than 2 weeks, I went from having a child who was reliant on melatonin, watching her tablet, having to lay next to me to fall asleep, co-sleeping and waking up 2-3x a night to a child who falls asleep on her own, in her own bed and sleeps through the night!! With a customized plan that fit my daughter’s needs, this was such an easy transition for her and I regret not doing it sooner!!! We can’t thank Kelli enough!!!

Age 5-Years

Reliable, Knowledgeable, and Nonjudgemental

We were so lucky to have found Kelli! She helped us through very difficult sleep patterns and helped our son start sleeping through the night. Since we have worked with Kelli, he sleeps 11-13 hours a night! She is so reliable, knowledgeable, and nonjudgemental! Thank you again, Kelli, for everything you did! With the next one on the way, we hope to have it down, but know we can always come back!

Age 2-Years

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