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I can come to your home and help you put your little one down for the first time so I am there to provide you with real time answers to questions that may arise that first time implementing the plan. 
Price: $195 
Additional Services
Bedroom Evaluation-$75
Overnight Text Support-$75
Three (3) Phone Calls-$100
Extra Week of Email Support-$100
Multiples or Additional Child- 50% off second child's package
Half Night-$1,200
Gift Certificates-Any amount
Prenatal-Newborn Package
**This is a GREAT package to give as a baby shower gift!
You will receive:
1. A 45-minute consultation where we’ll discuss what to do when you bring the baby home. We will talk about newborn sleep goals, feeding schedules (day and night), naps, and the importance of teaching your baby independent healthy sleep habits from the start. 
2. Detailed Newborn Sleep Plan. My newborn sleep plan will educate you about newborn sleep and teach you how to start to foster healthy sleep habits for your baby from day one.
3. One Follow-up telephone call to use during the 4 weeks to discuss how your baby is sleeping.
4. One Follow-up Email. You can send me an email with any questions that come up during the next four weeks, and I’ll respond to your e-mails within one business day.
5. Silver Moon Sleeper Tool Kit. Included in this toolkit is information for you to help you tackle anything that could come up with your baby’s sleep in the future.  Topics include nap transitions, appropriate bedtime and wake times as your child gets older, travel tips, how to best transition to a toddler bed, what to do when your child is sick during and after sleep training, how to handle early morning wake-ups, and daylight savings time change.
Price: $195 
Time Together: Four Weeks*
*Newborn sleep takes some time to establish which is why I will stay with you for four weeks. Do not expect your newborn to sleep through the night as they are too young and will require nighttime feeds. This is purely an educational package to help you develop healthy sleep habits from the start. Some newborns are not ready for longer periods of sleep until they are older and their development has progressed.
Unsure what package fits well for you and your family?  Please contact me at and let’s discuss your family specifically and find out what will work best for you!




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