"Do It Yourself" Sleep Package

Are you a parent who would like to try sleep training on their own but don't like the "one size fits all" approach most books provide? Then this package is just for YOU! 

Additional Services
Bedroom Evaluation-$75
Overnight Text Support-$75 per night
Put to Bed- $195
Three (3) Phone Calls-$100
Extra Week of Email Support-$100
3 Extra Emergency Texts-$25
Half Night-$1,200

What the package includes:


  • Client Questionnaire- You will complete an in-depth questionnaire that tells me more about your sleep situation and daily schedule. 

  • Customized Sleep Plan- After you complete the questionnaire, I will create a customized sleep plan based on your child's individual needs.

  • 30-Minute Phone Call-One 30-minute phone call to answer any questions you have about the plan, advice on how to proceed, after the plan is complete, etc. **This is to be used within one month from the day I email you your customized plan.**

  •  Silver Moon Sleeper Tool Kit. Included in this toolkit is information for you to help you tackle anything that could come up with your baby’s sleep in the future.  Topics include nap transitions, appropriate bedtime and awake times as your child gets older, travel tips, how to best transition to a toddler bed, what to do when your child is sick during and after sleep training, how to handle early morning wake-ups, and daylight savings time change.


Price: $249


**You can purchase additional services to go with this sleep package if you want more support**


**If in the future, you want to "upgrade" to a full sleep package, this price will go towards it.**

Unsure what package fits well for you and your family?  Please contact me at silvermoonsleepconsulting@gmail.com and let’s discuss your family specifically and find out what will work best for you!

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